Bipolar Type I Program

Bipolar Unspecified or Undiagnosed

Bipolar Type I Program

10 modules over a ten-week period – includes a weekly 70 minute Zoom session incorporating yoga, meditation, and discussion of the week’s assigned materials. Up to 4 additional Zoom meetings of 30 minutes for further discussion time. This program is recommended for anyone who has a BPI diagnosis, an unspecified diagnosis on the bipolar spectrum, or who is as yet undiagnosed.


Week 1: What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Week 2: Mindfulness Practice

Week 3: Increasing Awareness

Week 4: Acting vs. Reacting

Week 5: How to Survive a Crisis

Week 6: Why We Need Emotions

Week 7: What to do About Your Emotions

Week 8: The Additional Challenge of Anxiety Disorder

Week 9: Radical Acceptance

Week 10: How to Be More Effective in Relationships

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