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Yoga therapy for bipolar disorder.

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Soul to Sole Yoga for Bipolar Disorder

Soul to Sole Yoga for Bipolar Disorder is a unique therapeutic blend of tailored yoga sequences, guided meditation, and dialectical behavioral skills integration geared towards allowing individuals on the bipolar spectrum to regain control of their emotions and their lives. Yoga is a powerful tool in combatting stress, which leads to increases in anxiety and depression. Mindful movement, breath, and meditation bring balance that can be otherwise hard to find for the bipolar individual. A regular yoga practice, suited to our physical and mental needs is useful for combatting negative emotions and reducing stress.

DBT incorporates core mindfulness skills, distress tolerance skills, emotion regulation skills, and interpersonal effectiveness skills to effect changes in our thinking and behavior when navigating the challenges we all face. To learn more about how DBT can help you or your loved one click here.

Yoga, mindfulness, and skills based training is NOT a replacement for traditional therapy and psychiatric care. Sole to Sole offers a supportive addition to these modalities. This type of program is also helpful for those seeking med-free options for managing bipolar disorder, although proper medication management under the care of a qualified psychiatrist or knowledgeable physician is strongly encouraged.

You can find a therapist in your area who treats clients with bipolar disorder at www.psychologytoday.com/us under the “Find a Therapist” option. You can search for a psychiatrist in your area here: www.psychologytoday.com/us/psychiatrists (It’s a good idea to confirm that your insurance will pay for the service of a particular professional before you book your first appointment.)

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