Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills

What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)?

DBT stands on four basic pillars which we will explore in our time together. Below is a general description of what these skills can help you achieve.

Core Mindfulness Skills

Core Mindfulness Skills:

Increase your sense of who you are, your awareness of symptoms, your ability to concentrate, your memory, and your ability to control your thoughts. Decrease confusion about who you are, the lack of awareness that can lead to depression or mania, scattered and racing thoughts, and rumination leading to depression.

Distress Tolerance Skills

Distress Tolerance Skills:

Increase use of healthy coping skills, positive aspects of relationships, and self-esteem. Decrease self-destructive behaviors, burning out your friends and loved ones, and anger towards yourself which reduces self-respect.

Emotion Regulation Skills

Emotion Regulation Skills:

Increases acceptance of emotions, mood stability, and the ability to control emotions. Decreases self-judgements for having emotions, negative emotions coming from unfair judgements, feelings of helplessness and of being overwhelmed, and the all-too familiar emotional rollercoaster.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills:

Increases your ability to get your needs met and support from friends and loved ones. Decreases one-sided and unfulfilling relationships and conflicted, unsupportive relationships.

The Benefits of Meditation in DBT

The Benefits of Yoga in DBT

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