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Initial Consultation

This is a free, no-obligations video chat via Zoom, lasting about 20 minutes. We will talk about what’s drawing you to Soul to Sole, answer your questions, talk about what you can expect from the program of your choice, and how we will proceed. You can book this session by contacting me directly. 

Shanda Camu
Core Mindfulness Skills

Wellness Evaluation Session

The evaluation session is a time to assess your physical mobility and strength, as well as highlight any injuries or conditions that need to be addressed in future sessions. The sessions typically last 60 minutes and are $40. This service is a stand alone service, but is included in the price of any program. Should you choose to enroll, the fee will be deducted from the cost of your tuition.

Individual Sessions

Individual loose modules can be scheduled at a rate of $85 per 70 minute session involving yoga, meditation, and DBT skills discussion. Additional 30 minute DBT workbook progress discussion sessions can be booked at a rate of $50 per session. Workbooks necessary for each program are available for purchase on Amazon. You can choose an e-book or hard copy, except for the workbook accompanying the “DBT Skills for Everyone Program”, which is only available in hardcopy at this time. Please see the Resources page for links to the Amazon books.

Program Sessions

Investing in a total program of 10 modules provides a significant discount over the loose module option. Total program cost for all ten weeks is $700, payable upon booking the first session. This is the recommended path, as each module builds upon the last in order. Program participants receive necessary workbooks for free, in either e-book or hard copy formats. Payment plan options are available on a case by case basis.

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